Outstanding Auto Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

If you need to have your car repaired, Sundance Auto Service & Machine Shop in Phoenix, AZ, has you covered. With over seven decades of experience, we offer auto repairs for domestic, imported, and vintage vehicles. Our shop can service car models from the 1920s to the present time. The professionals we employ can work with your insurance company and handle all of the paperwork as well. 

Fleet Maintenance

Reach out to our team for reliable and comprehensive fleet services. We provide services for local, governmental, and commercial organizations. Get a full range of auto repair services that are based on your needs. Expect honest, timely, and quality services every time you choose us. We do all fleet maintenance, from oil changes to engine rebuilds. We'll work quickly yet efficiently to make repairs.

Testing & Diagnostics 

Our professionals at Sundance Auto Service & Machine Shop will help you find out what’s wrong with your vehicle with our state-of-the-art diagnostic tool. With us, you’ll receive a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle's problem.

Accurate Emission Testing

If the oil light or check engine light of your vehicle is on, it may indicate that your car has emission issues. Ignoring such problems will cause more damage to your vehicle down the road. Keep expensive auto repairs at bay when you let us find out the root cause of the problem.

New Tires

A worn-out tire can lead to accidents. It’s crucial that your tires are properly functioning for your safety while on the road and for a better driving experience. We provide new tires for automobiles and light trucks. If you're looking for quality tires, just give us a call. To make it easy for you, we accept orders of any branded tires. Place your order through us, and we'll have it installed, balanced, and aligned for you. 

Call for Long-Lasting Repairs 

When you need professional auto repair services that will keep your vehicle in perfect condition, contact our experts at Sundance Auto Service & Machine Shop. We’ll treat your vehicle like our own and find the quickest and most efficient solutions to get you back on the road. Call us today to get a free estimate. 

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  • Brake Services
  • AC & Heating Services
  • Shock Services
  • Engine Repairs
  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Catalytic Converter Services
  • Water Pump Repairs
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Custom Exhaust Services